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Kalkhoff durban G9 Ebike - Display mod

E-bike buying decision

Last year in October I bought a Kalkhoff durban G9. It is a 28" bike with a mix between a load and a touring bicycle.

It wasn't my first choice but for my usage it is enough and fulfilled all requirements.

I wanted to have a normal …


Infected by the other members of the Toolbox e.V, especially Thomas I started to search for parts for a quad copter which could be used to race and do some freestyle moves.

Since for me also the assembly is new and I had the feeling that this quad will …

keyboard with track point

I am a software programmer so the main part of the workday I am typing on my keyboard. At work unfortunately the only provide the cheapest HP keyboard you could image. It is a nightmare. After 3 months typing on these I bought me an keyboard myself.

Since I am …

3d printer

Since this month I own now one small 3d printer. It's a "ender 2" with a build volume of 165x165x200mm. For my purposes this is more than enough, since I always could print larger parts with the Toolbox e.V. printers since I am member there.

The printer was pretty …