New Webpage

By Philipp Schönberer

Last week I was researching for a better way to generate my webpage. Before I was using wordpress and dozends of plugins to get a website running like I would like it Then my server got corrupted and I had to resetup the website.

This was realy crule and I did not want to deal with the plugin crap again. Also, wordpress was so called 'klickibunti' and I could not write content from my good old vim. :'(

This introduces a to high burden to acually write some blog, since it's not that convinient to write or save a intermediate step and continue again later. Also, if something is not working you have at least the git history to step back and try again. Try this with wordpress plugins.

So overall i have still lot of things to script/implement and add but the main sceleton is now in place.

The HTML is now generated by markdown and translated with pelican into acual html and some minimal javascript.